An ecosystem for undergrads (Ages 15-25) to go beyond theory and land the perfect opportunity.

Live Training with  Educators

Training and internship program in

Data Science,ML and AI

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A mentor assigned to you based on your hobbies, interests and personality types to understand and guide you better


An environment that is fun to learn and can help in putting an end to procrastination


Projects and practical teaching methods make you industry ready

About us

An education ecosystem designed for undergraduates to stop their Procrastination and keeping up with the 21st-century skills,

Match with the young approachable mentor who follows

your pace and Track your progress.

with an internship opportunity.

Services we offer

Things that makes us stand out

Internship Opportunity

You will get to acquire new skill/s and also have a live experience in your course of interest and become industry ready through fessorpro’s internship opportunity.


Small batches

We provide interactive sessions with small batches of students which enables them to perceive course’s knowledge to the fullest.


Mentors that can guide you in your field of interest and take you to a step ahead in your educational phase of life.


At the end of each course you will achieve a certificate made just for you by google.


We update our curriculum according to industry standard and trending technology


“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

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hours of learning

no of student placed

No of student benefited

Number of mentors


How long will be the course’s duration ?

The course duration will be 3  months

Will it be a paid internship?

Yes, we provide paid internships

Will these courses help me in profile building?

It will not only help in profile building but also in full fledged personality development.

What is the price range of course?

Price range will be from 15000.

How will I get matched with my mentor ??

students will get matched with a mentor according to their interest, conveniency and hobbies 

Will it be an online course ?

Yes, it will be conducted zoom (online platform for video chat)

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